10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Dance School's Email Marketing

June 22, 2021

You are a dance studio owner. You want to send emails to your potential customers regularly, but you don't know what content to include in them. This blog post is for you. In this post we will talk about ten ideas that will help make your email marketing better and more effective.

1 - The most important is to make sure you plan your emails correctly. Set a target for each email - which part of your audience are you sending it to and why. You should set up your email campaigns in advance so that they go out automatically at a predetermined time. This will save you from forgetting to send them or being late sending an email which can ruin its effectiveness.

2 - Include links in your email to interesting content on your site - blog posts, videos etc. This will help you drive traffic to the site and encourage subscribers to visit but without them feeling like they're being sold to all the time. Give them a snippet of interesting content with a link to your site so they can find the whole article or watch the video. Fun dance activity ideas for their kids or a short video of beginners ballet exercises for adults.

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3 - Third tip is to send an email with a call-to-action. As well as the interesting content above it's important to make it obvious what you would like the reader to do. Don't simply say "visit our website." Tell them how they can visit your site and what you want them to do. For example, if you are running a special promotion or a free trial of a particular class, tell the reader about it in your emails so that they know when an offer will end and that there's something for them on the site right now.

4 - The fourth idea is to include images or videos of dancers who participate in classes at your studio. If people see someone like themselves performing ballet steps or jazz moves, then they will be able to relate better than just reading text descriptions alone. Show kids having fun in your classes so parents are more likely to enrol their own child. There's a great blog post from Neil Patel on how to use images effectively in your emails.

5 - The fifth idea is to offer customers incentives such as discounts or special offers to grab their attention and get them interested in your classes. Give them an excuse to go to your website to claim their discount code and you'll see much higher rates of people clicking on email links.

6 - The sixth idea is to include a "Quick Tips" section in your email marketing. If you have any information that is just short and sweet, such as what the deadlines are for class booking or classes that only have a few spaces remaining it's great to be able to see at a glance.

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7 - The seventh idea is to create a sense of urgency by telling potential students about the limited number of spots available in each class. You could also mention how many people are interested already so that it creates competition among those who want into the class but haven't signed up yet.

8 - Number eight is actually very simple: have an unsubscribe link on every single email sent out! It sounds counter-intuitive but it helps for email deliverability and it also helps you to keep your email list clean and containing only those people who might be interested in your classes. Depending on where you live - it's probably a legal requirement as well!

9 - The ninth idea is to do with personalising your emails - include first names and you increase the chances of the recipient reading your email. It feels much more targeted and helps people to engage with your studio.

10 - The last idea is to write engaging and distinctive subject lines - this could be the make or break of any email campaign and having an interesting subject line that jumps off the screen and makes you want to click can make a huge difference. There are some great free tools like CoSchedule to test your subject lines beforehand.

The best email marketing is the one that can create a personal connection with your customers. It’s not about sending out generic, cold emails; it’s about finding and creating content that will resonate with them in order to build trust and rapport.

If you want help to grow your dance school by improving your digital marketing then get in touch with us today.

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