Web Design Bampton - 4 Reasons to Secure a Professional New Website

February 10, 2021

Vector Web Design Bampton was started in 2020 by James Brambley - he has been building websites for over 20 years. Before starting this business, he has worked as an airline pilot and held various roles in the finance industry.

Our passion is to deliver brilliant websites that help to raise awareness and increase sales for your business.

The world has changed so much in 2020. We thought we would share a few reasons why this is an excellent time to update your website or review what you already have so that you can emerge stronger from this crisis.

1 - Increase your online sales.

This year has been an enormous challenge to virtually all businesses. Everyone is looking for a new way of getting their product to their customer. It does not matter whether you are a cafe, a baker or a yoga teacher. Vector Web Design Bampton can build you a great new site that helps you to reach out to your customers and sell your products to them directly and safely.

We can introduce online booking systems or calendar reservations. Learning management systems make it possible to add class videos and other teaching material online and manage who has access.

Vector Web Design can offer you advice on managing your customers and set up marketing channels and email subscription lists through excellent tools like Mailchimp.

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2 - Increase traffic to your website.

Vector Web Design Bampton can help you to increase the number of people that see your website. We can achieve this in several unique ways:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the skill of increasing where your site appears in the search results on Google and other engines. We can achieve this by structuring your site correctly behind the scenes to make it easy for Google to know what your website is for and where it is. Vector Web Design can also offer advice on how to write articles for your website to increase the number of visitors by keeping your content fresh and engaging. Targeting the correct visitors by researching what they might be searching for is crucially important.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paying Google to include your website at the top of the search results page above where you would typically sit 'organically'. Paid advertising can be a worthwhile investment if you are looking for faster results. We can advise on the best strategy to maximise the return on your investment.

We take great care to preserve your current ranking on Google when we make any changes. Our improvements will build on what you have already achieved.

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3 - Improve your visibility on Social Media

Effective Social Media management is essential in 2020. Vector Web Design can offer advice on creating profiles across a range of social media platforms. We can make it seamless to share your content from your website directly to your followers and the wider public.

This effective engagement can help to increase your profile and reach and help you to outperform your competitors. You can show off the list of 5* reviews from your previous customers to help entice new ones with a level of confidence in your products.

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4 - Your Website looks terrible on your mobile

Over 50% of internet traffic now originates from a mobile device. At Vector Web Design Bampton, we design all websites with a 'mobile-first' mentality. We make the site 'responsive' which means it changes depending on the user's device to look impressive no matter what.

What tools do Vector Web Design Bampton use to help us achieve all these goals?

We design our websites using the WordPress platform, which currently powers over a third of the internet.

On top of the essential WordPress package, we install extra software to enhance your website, make it more secure and load faster. We configure your site to make sure that you start ranking on Google from day one.

Once we have built the foundations, we configure extra software as required depending on what you need your website to do. Our eCommerce provider is WooCommerce. They power over 30% of all online stores. We can very quickly adapt your website to be able to take payments for physical products using Paypal or Stripe.

We can also arrange more complicated payment structures for your business or organisation such as memberships or regular subscriptions. It is our job at Vector Web Design to take whatever the client needs and make it happen.

We can design your site within your current brand guidelines and logo. If you need help with a colour scheme or a new logo, we can engage with our design partners. They will be able to produce a style and design that precisely fits your company.


What happens before you launch the site?

Once you are happy with the design and function of your brand new website, we can prepare for launch. We can tailor our advice and training precisely to your level of technical expertise. Vector Web Design can produce training videos on how you can upload new content to your website and manage sales.

We also offer ongoing monthly support and maintenance plans that help to keep your new website running smoothly. This involves making sure that all the software is updated to keep your site as secure as possible. We can make small design changes or edit the content for you if needed.

Making sure that you are happy with your new website and ensuring that you achieve your goals is our number one priority.

Get in Touch Today for a FREE consultation. We can build a proposal that starts the exciting process of improving your online home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more info? Drop us a line.

Is it expensive to get a new website?

We offer a range of flexible monthly packages designed to fit exactly what your dance school needs. There’s no large upfront fee to be much kinder to your school’s budget.

We think of websites as investments - they are an extra team member working hard on your behalf 24/7 and will easily repay the price.

I’m not very technical - will the process be easy?

It’s our job to handle the complicated technical part of your new website project.

Every step is designed to be as simple as possible so you don’t need to worry, we cater for all abilities and want to support you and your school all the way.

How long does it take?

Gathering the content together is generally the longest part of the process but we normally work on 4-6 weeks for a new site.

How long until I appear at the top of Google?

There are literally hundreds of factors that Google uses to rank pages, plus it depends on how competitive your particular area is.

We can work really hard on making sure the pages are structured well and have the right technical bits done. We can advise you on what content to add in as your site grows and great ideas for getting links back to your school’s website.

All these factors add together and put you in a fantastic position to rank well in Google searches.

Do you do updates / SEO to current websites?

We’ve found that it’s actually much easier to start again from scratch to ensure that the whole site is optimised for your visitors and for search engines. It doesn’t add much time to the project and the return on your investment is way better.

How do I appear in Google Maps?

This is down to having a fantastic Google My Business page, we can help you to optimise your listing and get found in the local area.

How do I get started?

Get In Contact with us if you have any questions or jump right in and complete the New Client Survey. We will then put together a proposal for you that explains exactly what we're offering and our plan for working together over the next 12 months.